You're Wrong

from by attack slug



yo man i see you on that soapbox, it ain't no shock
you're pushin crooked views like a bad nose job
bout as believable as some fuckin botox
so wrap it up son, sell the book to oprah
ain't no prob, to tear a couple holes
in any argument you're thinkin that the water holds
might be too hard for you to drink the facts, gotta troll
Alanis Morissette, you motherfuckers oughta know
i'm gonna side with facts, so you can dodge, avoid,
and proceed to hang yourself with your own talking points
keep on squawking noise, that isn't conversation
maybe i'm lacking patience, back to basics
personal attacks? well there's the door
your strawmen have fallen, all over the floor
these ad hominems are honestly a fucking bore
and i bet you win awards, for being misinformed

you're wrong (you're wrong)
and i ain't saying i'm right
but you're wrong (so wrong)
and i ain't trying to start a fight
in this song (in this song)
but it's kinda sad
you lack a basic understanding of the issues at hand

there's just one little thing, you're still so incorrect
and cognitive dissonance, well it's in effect
umbrella full of holes, i guess you're soaking wet
you're talkin TV, i'm all up on the internet
and what you state as truth, thats regurgitation
and your commitment to that shit, so amazing
what i consume makes me violent? whatchoo blazin
maybe your past due to check up on your medication
ain't no mistaking that you parrot sound bites
and fail to check that if what you're saying sounds right
up in your face like a pie in a clown flight
and i don't frame all of my statements around spite
but if i've got it wrong? well imma own up
take these two lips and get them, sewn shut
but up until then, sit on my throne cause
you continue to be wrong. no fucks


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Kenvo




attack slug New Jersey

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