The Science of Escape

by attack slug

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Tom Fortunato
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Tom Fortunato I listen to this song when I want to feel like a badass. Favorite track: Not One Single (feat. Former Fat Boys & Kabuto the Python).
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Special Thanks: Entity, Random, Former Fat Boys, Kabuto the Python, Grims Toy Show, Rachel, Beaker, Geneva, Conyeezy, Kincade, Buck, Seameat, Tispe, TYT, The Ranger
Very Special Thanks: To anyone else who has had to listen to me say "it's almost done, just another few months" for the past 4 years.
Very Special Fuck You: To anyone that can't even be bothered to have the basic human decency to respond to a request with a simple "no thanks". Get over yourself.
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Mono MMM 5 by Marcelo Magalhães Macedo

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Mechanica Music 2013


released October 1, 2013




attack slug New Jersey

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Track Name: Fillin Bars
go hard fill bars, you know i rank up
unlockin more stuff, i'm showing it
go hard fill bars, no matter the type
of game i get hype, controlling it
go hard fill bars and grabbin more loot
my only pursuit, get most of it
go hard fill bars i'm hearin that ding
they know what i bring, say holy shit

i'm fillin up bars like them drinks is free
like i'm givin a single fuck what you thinks of me
so simply it's XP, that is what i'm about
i'm gonna hit that next level, then ya know it's peace out
yeah, and it don't matter the genre
i'm gettin my spread, well they callin it Contra
and lootin those dead of whatever is on ya
then i'm tappin on punch and i'm shockin em: Blanka
i guess i'll max my dexterity
pickin a perk that is highest in hilarity
like "bloody mess" or a similar severity
open all the chests and i'm keepin all the rarities
yeah, its a collect-a-thon
going through that vendor trash see what's left to pawn
then i'm sittin up at your base, see who next to spawn
hit that fuckin level cap and get my wreckage on

i'm fillin up bars like it's fuckin illegal
gonna finish the first game, man i'm on to the sequel
and that EXP is gettin me high like an eagle
up in Trials HD call me Evel Knievel
woah, you're damn right i'm min-maxin
time to respec and dual wield: twin axes
i got a couple key cards, that's access
tranqin two or three guards, call that practice
ya better dodge the projectiles
defrag, verify then double check files
copy me, i'm already on that next style
you can spend that time, but i'm too busy watchin X-Files
get hacks, enable console
and send me a message (man you're never on though)
fillin up bars till my luck gets wiped out
fillin up bars, my fuckin lifestyle
Track Name: MWITW
people may say to you, go out and see the world
and to them i say, i've got the world right here, in the palm of my hand

lets go, don't you know that my world is the web
from the second i wake up till i'm back in the bed
social networking and CSS
i don't need to go outside when this life is the best
yo, see me on the network, it's worldwide
only way to get your brain supplied
leaving all the pressured shit behind
always getting better, we defy
you try, to paint this picture
hang it in the basement dark and bitter
truth is, (ruthless), we run shit
livin on the tubes till I'm 100

yeah i said fuck real life, this is where it's at so
living on the internet don't even need to pass go
anonymously you could be the biggest asshole
so give me that caffeine and i am drippin out the cash flow
so don't be bashful, sit back and feel the scope of it
the scum and villainy will always find the dopest shit
to all my enemies i hope you fuckin choke on this
and mope in this dystopiate, please coat me with some opiates
so take me all the way down, the path i'm handed
and the only limit now, is on your bandwidth
catching up with FIOS, going hard on fiber
we train, these brains, we reign
please hook it up to my veins

lets go, don't you know that my world is the web
from the second i wake up till i'm back in the bed
first time i checked a BBS
man i knew i saw my future in the internets
yo, see me on the network, it's world wide
only way to get yer brain supplied
leaving all the pressured shit behind
always getting better, we defy
you try, to paint this picture
hang it in the basement dark and bitter
truth is, ruthless, we run shit
livin on the tubes till I'm 100

up on that deep web, Peter Parker
and my front-side is so wide, charter
crowd got my back, Kickstarter
ain't gotta be ballin hard, just smarter
it's game-set-match, so hit the replay
it's flame.BAT, ain't sleep for three days
yo this is my house, so take off your shoes
and all i'm about, is monetizing views
this combination of cautious and fearless
so i don't give a fuck if the NSA hears this

we're on these tubes and
you know we're, bout to cruise
that modem hiss, you
know who you're, fuckin with?
Track Name: You're Wrong
yo man i see you on that soapbox, it ain't no shock
you're pushin crooked views like a bad nose job
bout as believable as some fuckin botox
so wrap it up son, sell the book to oprah
ain't no prob, to tear a couple holes
in any argument you're thinkin that the water holds
might be too hard for you to drink the facts, gotta troll
Alanis Morissette, you motherfuckers oughta know
i'm gonna side with facts, so you can dodge, avoid,
and proceed to hang yourself with your own talking points
keep on squawking noise, that isn't conversation
maybe i'm lacking patience, back to basics
personal attacks? well there's the door
your strawmen have fallen, all over the floor
these ad hominems are honestly a fucking bore
and i bet you win awards, for being misinformed

you're wrong (you're wrong)
and i ain't saying i'm right
but you're wrong (so wrong)
and i ain't trying to start a fight
in this song (in this song)
but it's kinda sad
you lack a basic understanding of the issues at hand

there's just one little thing, you're still so incorrect
and cognitive dissonance, well it's in effect
umbrella full of holes, i guess you're soaking wet
you're talkin TV, i'm all up on the internet
and what you state as truth, thats regurgitation
and your commitment to that shit, so amazing
what i consume makes me violent? whatchoo blazin
maybe your past due to check up on your medication
ain't no mistaking that you parrot sound bites
and fail to check that if what you're saying sounds right
up in your face like a pie in a clown flight
and i don't frame all of my statements around spite
but if i've got it wrong? well imma own up
take these two lips and get them, sewn shut
but up until then, sit on my throne cause
you continue to be wrong. no fucks
Track Name: Sorrow (BAD END)
(For me, I'm your sorrow
Calling in your dreams)

open this new game, gonna install it and then i press start
hopefully it won't take me long to get to the best part
last game in the series it left me with a depressed heart
but i still spent the full extent leering at the chest art
my quest starts, and it's an overused scenario
schoolboy meets an alien girl who is barely clothed
she greets me discretely and sweetly shes petite twin-tails and bows
ok first choice, i choose A, i gotta say hello
she say's i got this glow, i say that's apropos
so I choose B, to let her know she makes me grow below
and i got something in my pants you know i gotta show
she just laughs and then executes a judo thow
i fall into the snow, (oh) beneath the cherry tree (no)
well i know how this goes (yo) so i'm gonna go with C (whee)
i move in for the kiss, but i miss what is stoppin me
she takes the opportunity to eviscerate me sloppily

ok lets reload, gonna try a different path
this time we'll avoid peeking into the womens bath
cause after all that that shrieking, both my arms got put in casts
so why not go for the geek girl who is good at math
ok, i checked her classes, enrolled into her cram school
tried to surpass her grades, and man i looked like a damn fool
moved the camera to stare at her ass, thats a nice view
but she caught me, slapped me and then she kicked me in the dice (ohhhh)
might you know, how i can go about this better
i picked option D to stop staring at her sweater
and every compliment i've sent has only just upset her
A,B,C or D is wrong, i blame the the letters
and developers, anyway, the task at hand
i'll use the FAQ to the end, my master plan
and then the unexplainable, i'm swearing off romance
cause i'm still disemboweled and staring at my glands like
aw man

they call it Sorrow, you'll always get the BAD END
the girl in glasses, or the childhood friend
you could skip classes, get a job and earn yen
no matter what you spend there's still no way to defend
today or tomorrow, there's an inevitability
that death awaits, so you can toil in futility
and no cheat codes can escape the volatility
of a japanese schoolgirl bent on a killing spree

(Care to give death a try?)
Track Name: In This Very Ring
get in the ring with me, guaran-damn-tee'd to pin ya see
i'll fling ya like debris, your dingy matches baffle me
you see contractually i'm paid way more than MVP
these people envy me, i keep a pen or three
i'll sign my name for free and then i'll drop a DDT
(on you, your partner, ring announcer, and the referee)
all of your cheers well they're mere canned heat
and even John Cena, well he can't see me
i'm gettin over cause I tell it like it is
your fanbase is mostly made up of 7 year old kids
i been in love with this since it was macho man and liz
and if you in it for the cash man you ain't cut out for this biz, yeah
duct tape? well this match was your idea
if you're gonna try to run, scorpion, get over here
another shoot fight, and i'm the monster heel
25 foot cage so no one can interfere

explosive like Vince's limo
and quite corrosive as May Young's dildo (eww yo)
make a mill i get real dough
loose cannon Pillman 9 milli (ohhhh)
cut the feed, yeah the networks so shook
apologies to the sponsors, oh look
a Pillmanizer to your face, i'm so good
that you're a footnote, and i'm the whole book
and you can tell yourself that it's all a bad dream
you still blow spots like a diva tag team
bra and panties, pick another sad scheme
i'm The Vigilante, and this'll be your last scream
up the ante, barbed wire extreme
inferno match, and i'll melt you like ice cream
after that, i'm gonna act in some movies
the fact is your backs on the mat, 1-2-3
Track Name: It's a Sickness (feat. Entity & Random)
i can't stop buying games
and they just keep coming out

i'm buyin games by the dozen, man you know how it be
get em and toss em aside so indiscriminately
yeah, only the freshest, then onto that next-ish
yes i buy the bestest, got me feelin reckless
that deal was one day? well i bet you lost out
how many games i play? well i guess i lost count
budget my spending? that's a little devious
opening my wallet for the Vita and a 3DS
what's this? another confirmation email
aw shit, humble bundle and a Steam sale
yup yup, more daily deals? talkin the grail
what's up? you really think i'm payin retail?

been checkin up on the prices
and for a second almost copped this twice
this is a sickness
it's my addiction
when creepin up on the shelf
they're so damn cheap that i just can't help myself
it's my addiction
this is a sickness

ay the games in my library on steam, it's really crazy
i'm seeing new deals everyday but wait maybe
i can get a couple additions to add to the list
of the games i don't even really play
but i just can't stop, nah forget it
hit me another sub-reddit (which?)
game deals, every single sale i'll get it
yo wait, look at this 50% off of these games
and you think that i'm not gonna get em, are you insane?
nevermind the fact that i might have too many to play
it's an addiction can't stop me standin right in my way
between myself and the computer need to move with the quickness
ya better get up and get down with the sickness

Again I'm under the influence of
something worse than influenza,
Got all the symptoms,
Buy em up beat em up then I flip them
See another cop another, I feel like a victim
Cuz everytime I see a Humble bundle
I just run to my wallet, and I can't seem ta come to
My senses--I can't even pay my bills
Yet every Tuesday I'm in a rush to display my skills-- I got
Games still in the packaging,
not even sure what's happening
100% I'm mastering,
A day later I'm back again
Practicing my commute is like GTA,
Almost ran up on the curb to take the easy way
I'm on cheap ass gamer scanning the archives
Running outta space imma need me an hard drive
I Know that Im addicted but I don't know how to cure it,
it's morbid I know but, you can tell by the chorus- i'm sick

first came the steam sales, and i spent the money
then came the numerous indie bundles, and i spent the money
then came the origin sales, and i laughed
now there are amazon deals, and there is no money left to spend
Track Name: Shelfwarmers
Dear Diary,

I have been languishing on this shelf for the past 175 days. I have seen waves come, I have seen waves go. I have seen shelves reset, and I have seen shoplifting. And yet, and yet, I still remain.

so whats this, i thought i was illustrious
the chosen one retail sales are trusted with
where's the slip man theres somethin that you musta missed
you're in the midst of the one with the buster fist
see my feature list, well you ain't reachin this
got a voice box, yeah you know i'm teachin the kids
my catchphrases amaze be peepin the vids
and tie-ins i'm tryin to make you each so pissed
that you ain't find me, is what i'd like to say
i might display, behind me, what you'd like today
while i fight decay, you look at other toys
buy me, the warranty says you will enjoy
for ya brother buy another ain't no other choice
beg ya mother i can hover and distort your voice
they call me log, i'm fun for a girl or a boy
and drumming up interest like Mike Portnoy

hey you, embrace consumerism
it's new!, it's got what you've been missin
that too, commercials on so listen
please do, collect the new editions
(hey kids), i suppose that there is minimal assembly
but hey, would you look at the phenomenal accessories

we know, that you want to buy us
we know, that we're most desirous
we know, seen the advertisements
we know, spreadin like a virus
so if you like to spend, then we can play pretend
buy up all my friends, it's the latest trend
do you comprehend, then break out the 10s
when the repaints hit, you can buy em again
you can't avoid me, or my brethren
see the shopping cart and one of us is gettin in
it's time part with the cash flow don't be sweatin it
whatever you came for best to be forgettin it
it's my damn time, and thats plain to see
i get what's mine, someone's gonna play with me
Track Name: Unstructured Time Ad Infinitum
well i wake up in the same damn place
and i'm checkin out the mirror it's the same old face
but insanity is beckoning, the brain displaced
all of the coping mechanisms, try to retrace
so i, embrace the pen, the means to an end
and i never was the type who would fiend for a friend
but i'm not quite as fresh as the beans that i blend
my flesh starts to melt and i see the impending
complex, to be perfectly honest
i'm losing my mind to this motherfuckin nonsense
anxiety, becomes all i see, when withdrawn from the
trappings of what we'd like to call society
and i might might might recall variety
all this free time so impossibly tiring
time for piracy, proxies they be hidin me
i'd love to go outside, but the light is still conspiring

i got that cabin fever
seen bleeding in the mirror
no time to take a breather
the walls are closing in

awake for twenty four then i sleep for twelve
with this cranial topography, i need some shelves
then i'm shaking on the floor, go in deep and delve
into the psyche before i freak myself
yeah, it's too late, its progressed too much
and the outside world is just stress through touch
i see all of ya'll being guests who clutch
to these antiquated notions of success and such
and thus you can fashion yourself quite indifferent
given my position you might lose it just a little bit
brain turns to Rome, and Nero kept on fiddlin
diving by zero is the quickest way of gettin in
transcend, transform and roll out
descend, it's not normal, no doubt
pretend, and perform you know how
at the end of the day, (hahahaha) oh wow
Track Name: Spin (Things Break)
my console sells better than yours
there ain't a bottom line that is redder than yours
so take a look back at my veteran tours
it's cash and booth babes, better head for the door
then it's craigslist ebay a thousand bucks
line up for 12 hours and freeze off ya nuts
report the shortage and my stocks go up
but wheres the good games? shit you outta luck
man you savage schmucks can't tell it's vaudevillian
winner is the first who's hittin 10 million
fanboys all riled up straight rakin billions
spend summers on the beach with brazilians
showed up to E3 man, here's a lanyard
peep the pie charts we defining the standard
shift the paradigm and flyin like Gamera
ex-clu-sives better find yo cameras
yo, welcome to the fold
10 year tenure never gets old
you know, things break, or so i'm told
and don't forget it's shipped-shipped-shipped not sold

spin spin spin (and around it goes)
spin spin spin (gonna drown my foes)
spin spin spin (through the highs and lows)
yo from LA to Tokyo

i'm here to kick ass and take some names
but heres a buncha muthafuckin casual games
the enthusiast press gets clout for the flames
(but where's our free swag?) now hand out the acclaim
copy all your new shit lets play too
and errrrrybody loves multiple SKUs
a new challenger? ya best pay dues
in an all out fight for the living rooms
number one two gens in a row
sign my name for ya bring a pen to the show
double cross me i'm a petulant foe
DVD DLC yeah i'm gettin the dough
yo the competition is so last generation
dont need silly shit like motherfuckin vibration
the price you'll pay for this innovation
get a 2nd job and cancel your vacations
Track Name: lp0 on fire
I understand negativity, cause that ones simple
it's, the way i react, to everything i been through
the cold hard fact is i'm fighting just to give two
shits, onto the next, bit of luck? yeah i been due
(fuck) so don't expect any comprehension
of positive emotions i can barely stand to mention
i am not an asshole for all the attention
discarded all my feelings, and this is my ascension
into an android, get me a rad voice
you're thinkin damn boy, maybe not a bad choice
could i avoid all the pointless petty BS
leave it behind, without feeling any regrets
forest for the trees, well i wish that you could see it
not so egregious, better meditate and see this
yeah, i guess the grass is always greenest
but i don't make my decisions with the heart or the, well, you know

i take no joy in this, it's simple indifference
life remains a mystery and not too keen on giving hints
but i think the message is clear when i deliver it
trying my best at sincere without the bitterness
so whats the take-away? nothing you do affects me
whether i'm resting or winning every chess meet
almost coalescing into a manifesto
and there is no high point, cause i never really get low
i tread the even keel, well that is the ideal
but i'm still left questioning if anything is really real
the bottom line it's fine, i find myself consigned
to a life inside my head, it seems the most sublime
you keep on toasting wine, embrace normality
and watch your hopes decline, eventuality
and i guess i'm not sure how explain this more simply
but i surely don't want, or even understand your sympathy
Track Name: Dumping Grounds
sick of these repeats

man i'm sittin here in this chair waiting on this new set of steam deals
and i'm still wondering how this point in my life don't seem real
it's been 5 years, well fuck if i know if i'll ever be healed
and if that ain't never gonna happen, why am i spinnin these wheels
I hit that lowest point, and then went lower still
man this situation been so fucked up, yeah you know the drill
take what you love, then lock it up, yo bro i know that feel
and if this is this last record i do, i'm going for the kill (that's real)

i'm still the same fucker from '08
not givin a shit about gettin some dates
you can reply with the same sad hate
but all i care about is bumpin that bass
that bass, wreckin the beat and then rewind
random battle music gettin the gear cause all i do is grind
boss after boss after boss, feelin too sublime
save gets corrupted, no instructions, all i lose is time

so im buying all these games and i guess you could say i played a few
it's been so long without making songs, who do i cater to?
oh shit, thats right, just me, not worried about player 2
and i been in writing mode so long i've got a greater view
it would be great of you to bump this shit and spread the word
but on the flip side ain't no difference if it's never heard
got only one damn rule, the beat had better burn
takin it back to school on self promotion, never learn

i still complain bout the human race
checkin the internet and gettin irate
distance myself from these sadass fakes
cause all i care about is bumpin that bass
that bass, wrecking the beat and then rewind
random battle music gettin the gear cause all i do is grind
boss after boss after boss, feelin too sublime
save gets corrupted, no instructions, all i lose is time

(all i lose is time)

so whats the moral of this story i ain't got one
takin these tracks and blowin em out just like a shotgun
time to relaunch, been so long they calling me Datsun
and the only thing that i'm really sure of is i'm not done
Track Name: Not One Single (feat. Former Fat Boys & Kabuto the Python)
it's really simple, i been checkin my arithmetic
and multiply by zip that's how much i'm giving a shit
no so ridiculous there's no need for this bitterness
before you get too pissed, ya'll may want to consider this
i haven't been paying the least bit of attention
and relegating what you've said to all my henchmen's henchmen
not half the veteran, but i'm better than i've ever been
so heres a hit of mescaline, yo grab a seat and settle in
in every instance, it's complete disinterest
if that's a little intense, light some fuckin incense
(not one single), yeah i'll get to that
who the fuck do you think this is, ya'll better check the hat
perhaps we best re-cap; the world is unfair
i'm guessing that be the facts so are we done here?
(truth) my glare is always so condescending
never begin to care and i'm not gonna to start pretending

and not one single fuck was given that day
that day, this day, man it's every damn day
ya better amscray, we sippin brandy
wake up and we're pissin in ya bran flakes

(Former Fat Boys)
I give so few fucks I'm like 9th grade me
I get no sluts, no sucks, no butts but such
is life, man, and life is beautiful
givin one finger salutes to say "hey too-da-loo"
today I'm kickin back, I don't give a shit
kidnap my princess, kinap my prince
sell M-rated games to little kids
today I'm doin shrooms in my room in my fruit of the looms
so put your lips up to my ass cheeks, I know that shit reeks
but you won't need bleeps, no seven second delay
cause there's no fucks given, no not a peep
I won't even spit on you, not even a gleek
that's how small time and no rhyme you are
I'm flyin past you like meep-meep, you're seein stars
silly coyote I hear you scream, fall in a ravine
I'm swiss, not cheese, I won't intervene

(Kabuto the Python)
its the attack of the slugs, yall rappers is pugs
hella cute little doggies imma flatten ya mugs
i'm back with the gloves on, pass me the nugs
fuckers wack like simba eatin grass and the bugs
i give half of a fuck what you think of the verse
i'm inkin it first, paper ragged, wrinkles and dirt
im freakin berserk, yall be lazy pink and inert
and i fuckin give em everything except the sink and a shirt
and i could even rock a beat if you put the thing in reverse
i'm heisenberger even leavin mister fring in a hearse
so watch a demon at work, me should be the king of the earth
or at the least yall should eat my freakin penis and burp
i'm offended by your sets, i aint' skimpin with the skets
stay stompin through the white like i am tintin in tibet
sinisterly preppin more raps yall aint prepared fo
sposed to be about not caring but i don't care though
Track Name: Rethink
i bring this shit raw, borderline caustic
right out the freezer ain't no need to defrost it
so certified my name gets embossed and
i'll turn you true believers into straight agnostics
not one to floss but i won that court shit
figured the cost while i got my life sorted
it's sorta chill man you know i ain't workin
but i still put work in...
fuck mornings, alarm sittin on two
and fuck normal that's not how i'm gon do
i may be stuck but i keep on going
through every single beat like a beast
and my mind may never have peace
better call 2 priests
i'm crippled but i ain't deceased
and the most jaded person you'll meet
(by a fair margin, i would imagine)

this, is just the way i see things
and never thus, do i expect to see change
it's fucked up, do i spend my life seething
or reaching, maybe it is time to rethink

taking this back to the essence, no stressin
just venomous aggression, thats the first lesson
ain't no time for second guessing, so unless
you wanna be straight with me i guess you can digress this
there won't be no convalescence, no ma'am
and i can think of only two words to be spoken
good bye. i'm taking flight now; Rodan
(so give that a second to sink in)
to the rest of ya'll who really don't get it
i'm doing this shit way before i ever said it
there's no time for what i'm already forgetting
and no regrets is the motto that i'm set in
my empathy is at an all time low
humanity? well it's really got to go
better to be bitter, man don't I already know
i should say fuck you before i ever say hello
Track Name: Meeces to Pieces
50% asshole, man i'm half nice
and get my consoles bought for only half price
you wanna know who the cat is, ya betta ask mice
and i roll a natural 20 cause i got fast dice
it's no less than a critical success
3-9 rhymes it's the galaxy express
spaced out style for miles but i digress
kick around like Guile while i'm fightin off the stress
and yes. i'm huge like Snuffleupagus
or the late Rick Rude with these fuckin uppercuts
see my crew talk shit, ya duck under a bus
and grab a raincoat if you wanna fuck with us
so what, my diction is contradiction
all this bullshit may be only fiction
but turns to truth with enough conviction
until i'm broke and facing eviction

yo, what's rightfully sage
i'm right to the stage when i write to the page
and all the rest of ya'll are frightfully caged
skip the anger i go right to the rage
bitin the gauge, man lifes a charade
and what excites you is tritefully played
out, my words will so brightly parade out
take a look around and slightly dissuade doubt
i'm bringin spice like i'm right on the trade route
who else do you know ignites with the same clout
flames may cause drought and that's a shame
cities displayin smoke wherever i spat game
i'm a centurion sent by the Cylons
regardless of species i'm still droppin pipe bombs
it's all meeces to pieces and no bygones
brought that hot fiyah, Dylan Dylan Dylan
Track Name: One Tenth
mentally you're like one tenth of me
it's meant to be embrace the entropy
no remedy so coincidentally
repent or flee, man i got no empathy

i'm on my game boy, you on the wrong team
i see in 4 colors, you know they all green
you know i'm all mean, yes I am an asshole
tried to be nice but man that's such a fuckin hassle
i'm all over the place i'm like a migrant
if apathy was sporting i would have a Heisman
you've got no vision man i stapled shut the eyelids
listen you're missing addition this makes you a minus
and i'm a virus, but you ain't patched up
this is some 'guess who' shit but you can't match up
ya say your bloodthirsty but all ya get is ketchup
i'm throwin ya curves and you can barely hold the bat up
so many strikes you wish the metaphor was bowling
the competition can't believe i ate the whole thing
i'm through the gate, man your patterns always holding
filling up my quotient of the necessary boasting
Track Name: Running With Tortoises
they tellin me i'm negative, i guess i developed it
back when i was only 9, call that shit the fellowship
add another 7 when i spit and then embellish it
getting myself out of all these pickles, yeah i relish it
hot dog, i ain't packin no i never did
less you talkin pac-man, 256 my level kid
yeah, gettin hungry grab a megabit
megabyte, then go back to the Genesis

damn fuckin right, that i'm feeding off the misery
better hold tight, when you're in the dungeon: Wizardry
i'm all alone but I'm hittin with the synergy
of 16 corporations in multiple industries
yeah, so fuck what all ya'll think of me
got too many damn tracks down in my distillery
step back, get a batch, heat em up and set em free
i'm too prime, so here's your free delivery

so thats about the long and the short of it
i'm spruced up, and i'mma keep on floorin it
but no swerves, I got the figure-four on it
(woo) i'm runnin with the tortises
Track Name: Reclusive
it's like, i'd rather be at home, i'd rather be alone
ya call me antisocial when i don't pick up the phone
i don't like your tone, blink and then i'm gone
all up on the internet, i'm in my zone
i'm nice now, my lifestyle is recluse
and go out? there's never any excuse
you insist, that my style ain't normal
well no shit, man i'm done being cordial
i'm done with the boredom and small talk niceness
this track is for all the people livin like this
don't care, experience i might miss
it's peace and quiet, well thats fucking priceless
that is the brightest part of any day now
invitations? i'm looking for a way out
so keep smiling and feeding off the energy
you damn vampires, ain't no way that you are gettin me

reports say loneliness can be deadly
i'm pretty sure they say the same thing about red meat
i'm still breathing, oh what a lucky break
so leave me alone and let me chew my fucking steak (okay?)

yo, it's the modus operandi
i'm lookin down when you're tellin me I can't fly
worldwide, and I see you sittin standby
and I ain't even got a visual; Bandai
all from the comfort of my plush chair
up in my room, I don't need to be somewhere
so take it in, take a pic, if you must glare
then hit the bricks and here's some fuckin bus fair
i survive in the privacy and privately
i strive to defeat the anxiety
i'm way too tired to be seekin psychiatry
it's fine to be the guy who can quietly appreciate the irony
alleviate the stress load, deviate the threshold
life's a damn circus and i'm holdin up the tentpoles
(aw shit) i'm clownin on em tenfold
net dough, then I'm drownin in the echos
Track Name: Deranged
yeah i'm an asshole, and i guess you know the rest
i'm spittin this in my drawers, i ain't comin dressed
i ain't the fuckin best, i'd rather be a fuckin beast
you disagree? it doesn't matter to me in the least
and thusly, i'm sittin chill while i bring this heat
combusting, y'all better be ready
and get prepared for the feast, i'm declaring these beats
to be the best shit you peeped with a snare that repeats
so tell me who the champ now, sit your sorry ass down
those were your best bars? man i'm about to pass out
ya better cash out, when ya hear this rare style
Duke Droese, and i'm takin out the trash now
lot of these kids man they hit me up and ask how
lotta respect gets a lotta connects
play them cards right you could jam with the best
and i ain't even begun to do the damn thing yet (so c'mon)

sick of this pandering and pointless meandering
the slanted grandstanding that can't even hold a candle
to the ample amount of energy that i'm channeling
from these glands, chanting to you and each of these fans
don't call it the truth, i'm scrawlin all my views
and they could all be obtuse, i put them out to peruse
but if you're as jaded as i am and appalled by the news
then take control of your fate, because we're all bein used
it's not that simple to change the things you're into
its a symptom of the system, insane, infecting tissue
and brain, becomes a fixture of pain, so don't you misconstrue
the goal before you get too deranged (the fuck you sayin?)
I'm sayin you've got a choice in this
noise before it's boisterous
poised to raise my voice in the
background and smackdown
and if the sinking is too great, then back out
but if you're thinking it's too late, then act now
Track Name: Incomprehensible
i'm staring at the clock, blind with the lights on
compelling to me is not what is right, wrong
but inbetween all the things that i've seen are wiped from
all these memories but the pain is lifelong
so tear it apart, mistakes are my chagrin kid
to have heartbreak i'd need a heart to begin with
but it's imaginary shit like the Wind Fish
only difference is the motherfucker thats in this
and my awakening is so self prophesied
but don't mistake it for the heat thats been droppin flies
i'll never stop demise, i'll be on top in time
and never give a single shit about the profit lines
so pay attention, and wave hello to history
this new dimensional twist becomes another mystery
fairly shrewd to intrude upon the misery
self imposed solitude but ain't nobody missin me

and you could say this is incomprehensible
and i say that you should pay some more attention yo
it's not between the lines it's right between your eyes
so when you figure it out don't fuckin seem surprised

i'll take it one direction and then i'll swerve ya
avoiding the real world you would think i'm allergic
i'm more at ease when i'm spittin absurd shit
but still a sucker for a song thats got a purpose
and i assure this is not that category
lacking in allegory, never quite had a story
to tell, and well, we'll take it as it comes now
and in the end i guess maybe it'll work out somehow
i'm hoping to skip, my life is like a Möbius strip
and every day is spent coping with this
dissonance, atrophy, unhappily, it had to be
snap myself out with a slap or three
but that's a distraction, i'm losin my traction
this song is slowly stumbling into abstraction
the reaction is lackin, with the brain in contraction
and nonsense this is just another infraction
Track Name: Steeped
i dont need a catchphrase or some spacey nicknames
to be catchin fresh plays in the face of disdain
i'll be shipping next day when i'm truckin sick games
and when i press play you'll be duckin thick flames
you want Acclaim, well you better be wary
bring you back just to get bankrupt and buried
another shitty MMO? i'd say very
i'm way beyond Blackberry, you're slackin in Mayberry
and may very well be a canary in a coal mine
i spit toxic fumes yes proteins and peptides
step aside i'm steeped in cyanide
inhibiting enzymes, prohibiting zen rhymes
for you anyway, man i'm sicker than /b/ are
they've got your address so please give them my regards
i'm shatterin glass, man you wish you could see shards
kickin 16 while you stumble at 3 bars

this is some gangster shit, i ain't no gangster kid
but watch my wit i'm climbin up the ranks so quick
and i'm bankin swiss, while you're yankin nis
impure McClure ya best go home and spank yo fish
and that stanky squid, because frankly kids,
i'll shank you with a plank plunge you in the dank abyss
down in the trenches i am a tank at this
with my OmniWrench i'm Ratchet and Clankin shit
Lombax with bomb raps, and you're Captain Qwark
my array of ray guns put you back to the start
going super saiyan, while you're lackin Puar
and when i feed him crayons, well you know he's crappin art
back to the bar, and i'm actin bizarre
i attack from afar cause you're lackin a tsar
i can wrap a cigar and relax in my car
and i'm hackin the stars, when i zap like Jafar
Track Name: The Science of Escape
ain't got no work stress
how could i be workin less?
i see you lookin at me like I ain't got no purpose
and you call that worthless
well, you sound monotonous
maybe it's time i clue you into my hypothesis
the science of escape
these introvert equations
and what would you do with all that mental isolation
me? i'm gettin my lab coat
yo might be my last hope
i'm checkin my vocal chords i don't know when i last spoke
you gettin mad bro?
cause i'm still a shut in
im tellin you it's hard work planning out all this nothing
yeah, a bit disgustin
that you callin it "freedom"
i'm hearing that so often i think this is a rerun
you're sayin it's free time
so i say what's free about it
i count the seconds, minutes days, but do you see? i doubt it
my brain can be too crowded
it's like a sweatshop
so i'm sayin fuck that
yeah, turn on the xbox
i'm too reliant on this science, taking me away
i would be lying if i'm tryin, not to see the day
where i could turn it all back
and pick up all the slack
instead i'm sitting here procrastinating all these tracks
you're sayin i should relax
yeah, but i'm too broken
and that ain't really a topic that i should reopen
im markin it hopeless
its unpaid vacation
and all this time im sittin here with no motivation
always mistaken
yeah this life is waiting
it's pointless everyday so i really need escaping
Track Name: Tendency to Forget
it's not like that i wanna forget most times
it just seems like a fucking reflex so why
it's not like that i wanna forget most times
it just seems like a another reflex so why

what became of this place i knew it when
such a shame not a trace of who i've been
and can you claim to embrace the change within
and who were you again? (who am i again)
dust in the wind, you must buck the trend
i'm disgusted with, the injustices
my memories have been crushed to death, oh yes
i know the keys have grown rusty yet, and yet
i still try to turn, reply and learn
i wonder who still waits for my return
but i burn those bridges (bridges), and i spurn those digits (digits)
maybe i'll be better off stayin ch-ch-chill like fridges
(maybe i'll be better off stayin ch-ch-chill like fridges)

it's not all my fault, well mostly
and i never quite fit in all that closely
and what i'm sposed to be well that's gross to me
emotionally morose you see
so hopefully, well, i never plan further
left alone like a scruffy nerf herder
drunken till every third word is slurred
and still preferably prone to the absurd
(word?) but it all seems a little bit cyclical
and every other day is too fuckin strictly dull
need new stimulation to pick the skull
or any sensation that can quickly kick this lull
a different day but the same old drag
aint nothin changed but the names on
a different day but the same old drag
aint nothin changed but the names on... nametags
Track Name: Distraction Tactics
uneasy situations are the only reason i write anymore
i'm penning this track over the sound of these slamming doors
i'll never get mine so please keep on getting yours and yours and yours
scuse me i'll be on the floor
what's more, life is only what make and take of it
there's no mistaking that i cannot seem to shake off this
uncomfortable vibe, got nothing inside
i miss the times when under the bed was the right place to hide
alright, well no it's never gonna be all right
or maybe it never was and i was the one believing the lies
and that's just fine, i was always the one to blame
and when there is no exit are the only times that i can change
still stuck at halfway, of anywhere i need to be
just get up and leave, like it would really go that easily
reasonably, well there really is no reasoning
and constant numbness is the only feeling seizing me
room full of doors, and i've never got the keys on me
and every day im dreaming of the times when i will cease to be
is that it? already feels like the next night
lack of any sleep seems to be the only fucking respite

it's 10 to 3
the paper is my enemy
and every little pinprick i'll be feelin for a century
desecrate the memories, and toss them aside
contentedness, well that is never meant to be
tryin to wrap my brain around this mentally
and failing, because there is no sensibility
but i'm tossin cents, so here's another three
it's like another me, staring back at the glass
wonder what ( ) will come to pass
fill in that blank yourself, i'm beyond seeking help
i'll buy another game i'll never play and place it on the shelf
distraction tactics, i guess i'm out of practice
can barely hold together like some worn out old elastic
i'd rather be anywhere else than in my own head
called that number, but i guess the phones dead
could use a grain of hope, but i lost it at the beach
and every single aspirations always out of reach
such is the life of an introvert
my equation is missing all the integers
such is the life of an introvert
my equation is missing all the integers
Track Name: Out of Focus
my life ain't got no plot, you better check the script
it's full of NPCs i'm missing all the text to get
another cut scene, and you know i must admit
that since i gave up caffeine man i'm feelin a bit dangerous
nothing new i guess, drifting from place to place
along the internet feels like the only saving grace
why should i shave my face, what seems to be the point
it's only lonely when you make your goal the need to join
disappointed, really i'm disgusted
running out of people i can try and put my trust in
is that enough said? oh no it's just the start
another hit, another 1/4th of a piece of heart
and there's a peace of mind, hiding between these lines
keeping on the grind if i could only find the time
it's always why ask why, that neverending climb
it's so much more than that but i can never find the rhymes

life seems out of focus, how do you cope with this
the blur is copious, the word is hopelessness
why even make a fist
just another shade on the gradient list

that may have made no sense, well shit what else is new
i offer no pretense of what i'm s'posed to do
these opportunity doors, perhaps i closed a few
and like i told you before, i'm predisposed to lose
you can imbue whatever message you like yo
cause these ain't your shoes, or your battles to fight
i'm tired of all this daytime, i'd rather be night
and blatantly refuse any splatter of light
well shit, these thoughts are inconvenient, self esteem ain't never seen it
coming up for air to breathe in, ending up with emphysema
this is exemplary of quite the type of life i'm leading
no time for spite or reason, maybe that's a trite conceited
the truth ain't worth believin, take that and then retweet it
something you ain't gon find regardless of how time is creepin
so what's the plan i'm seekin, with all this candid weakness
staying alive has seemed to be my only grand achievement