Unstructured Time Ad Infinitum

from by attack slug



well i wake up in the same damn place
and i'm checkin out the mirror it's the same old face
but insanity is beckoning, the brain displaced
all of the coping mechanisms, try to retrace
so i, embrace the pen, the means to an end
and i never was the type who would fiend for a friend
but i'm not quite as fresh as the beans that i blend
my flesh starts to melt and i see the impending
complex, to be perfectly honest
i'm losing my mind to this motherfuckin nonsense
anxiety, becomes all i see, when withdrawn from the
trappings of what we'd like to call society
and i might might might recall variety
all this free time so impossibly tiring
time for piracy, proxies they be hidin me
i'd love to go outside, but the light is still conspiring

i got that cabin fever
seen bleeding in the mirror
no time to take a breather
the walls are closing in

awake for twenty four then i sleep for twelve
with this cranial topography, i need some shelves
then i'm shaking on the floor, go in deep and delve
into the psyche before i freak myself
yeah, it's too late, its progressed too much
and the outside world is just stress through touch
i see all of ya'll being guests who clutch
to these antiquated notions of success and such
and thus you can fashion yourself quite indifferent
given my position you might lose it just a little bit
brain turns to Rome, and Nero kept on fiddlin
diving by zero is the quickest way of gettin in
transcend, transform and roll out
descend, it's not normal, no doubt
pretend, and perform you know how
at the end of the day, (hahahaha) oh wow


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Anno Domini




attack slug New Jersey

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