i dont need a catchphrase or some spacey nicknames
to be catchin fresh plays in the face of disdain
i'll be shipping next day when i'm truckin sick games
and when i press play you'll be duckin thick flames
you want Acclaim, well you better be wary
bring you back just to get bankrupt and buried
another shitty MMO? i'd say very
i'm way beyond Blackberry, you're slackin in Mayberry
and may very well be a canary in a coal mine
i spit toxic fumes yes proteins and peptides
step aside i'm steeped in cyanide
inhibiting enzymes, prohibiting zen rhymes
for you anyway, man i'm sicker than /b/ are
they've got your address so please give them my regards
i'm shatterin glass, man you wish you could see shards
kickin 16 while you stumble at 3 bars

this is some gangster shit, i ain't no gangster kid
but watch my wit i'm climbin up the ranks so quick
and i'm bankin swiss, while you're yankin nis
impure McClure ya best go home and spank yo fish
and that stanky squid, because frankly kids,
i'll shank you with a plank plunge you in the dank abyss
down in the trenches i am a tank at this
with my OmniWrench i'm Ratchet and Clankin shit
Lombax with bomb raps, and you're Captain Qwark
my array of ray guns put you back to the start
going super saiyan, while you're lackin Puar
and when i feed him crayons, well you know he's crappin art
back to the bar, and i'm actin bizarre
i attack from afar cause you're lackin a tsar
i can wrap a cigar and relax in my car
and i'm hackin the stars, when i zap like Jafar


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Dok2




attack slug New Jersey

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