Spin (Things Break)

from by attack slug



my console sells better than yours
there ain't a bottom line that is redder than yours
so take a look back at my veteran tours
it's cash and booth babes, better head for the door
then it's craigslist ebay a thousand bucks
line up for 12 hours and freeze off ya nuts
report the shortage and my stocks go up
but wheres the good games? shit you outta luck
man you savage schmucks can't tell it's vaudevillian
winner is the first who's hittin 10 million
fanboys all riled up straight rakin billions
spend summers on the beach with brazilians
showed up to E3 man, here's a lanyard
peep the pie charts we defining the standard
shift the paradigm and flyin like Gamera
ex-clu-sives better find yo cameras
yo, welcome to the fold
10 year tenure never gets old
you know, things break, or so i'm told
and don't forget it's shipped-shipped-shipped not sold

spin spin spin (and around it goes)
spin spin spin (gonna drown my foes)
spin spin spin (through the highs and lows)
yo from LA to Tokyo

i'm here to kick ass and take some names
but heres a buncha muthafuckin casual games
the enthusiast press gets clout for the flames
(but where's our free swag?) now hand out the acclaim
copy all your new shit lets play too
and errrrrybody loves multiple SKUs
a new challenger? ya best pay dues
in an all out fight for the living rooms
number one two gens in a row
sign my name for ya bring a pen to the show
double cross me i'm a petulant foe
DVD DLC yeah i'm gettin the dough
yo the competition is so last generation
dont need silly shit like motherfuckin vibration
the price you'll pay for this innovation
get a 2nd job and cancel your vacations


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Hangmen 3




attack slug New Jersey

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