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from by attack slug



I understand negativity, cause that ones simple
it's, the way i react, to everything i been through
the cold hard fact is i'm fighting just to give two
shits, onto the next, bit of luck? yeah i been due
(fuck) so don't expect any comprehension
of positive emotions i can barely stand to mention
i am not an asshole for all the attention
discarded all my feelings, and this is my ascension
into an android, get me a rad voice
you're thinkin damn boy, maybe not a bad choice
could i avoid all the pointless petty BS
leave it behind, without feeling any regrets
forest for the trees, well i wish that you could see it
not so egregious, better meditate and see this
yeah, i guess the grass is always greenest
but i don't make my decisions with the heart or the, well, you know

i take no joy in this, it's simple indifference
life remains a mystery and not too keen on giving hints
but i think the message is clear when i deliver it
trying my best at sincere without the bitterness
so whats the take-away? nothing you do affects me
whether i'm resting or winning every chess meet
almost coalescing into a manifesto
and there is no high point, cause i never really get low
i tread the even keel, well that is the ideal
but i'm still left questioning if anything is really real
the bottom line it's fine, i find myself consigned
to a life inside my head, it seems the most sublime
you keep on toasting wine, embrace normality
and watch your hopes decline, eventuality
and i guess i'm not sure how explain this more simply
but i surely don't want, or even understand your sympathy


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Vasco




attack slug New Jersey

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