The Science of Escape

from by attack slug



ain't got no work stress
how could i be workin less?
i see you lookin at me like I ain't got no purpose
and you call that worthless
well, you sound monotonous
maybe it's time i clue you into my hypothesis
the science of escape
these introvert equations
and what would you do with all that mental isolation
me? i'm gettin my lab coat
yo might be my last hope
i'm checkin my vocal chords i don't know when i last spoke
you gettin mad bro?
cause i'm still a shut in
im tellin you it's hard work planning out all this nothing
yeah, a bit disgustin
that you callin it "freedom"
i'm hearing that so often i think this is a rerun
you're sayin it's free time
so i say what's free about it
i count the seconds, minutes days, but do you see? i doubt it
my brain can be too crowded
it's like a sweatshop
so i'm sayin fuck that
yeah, turn on the xbox
i'm too reliant on this science, taking me away
i would be lying if i'm tryin, not to see the day
where i could turn it all back
and pick up all the slack
instead i'm sitting here procrastinating all these tracks
you're sayin i should relax
yeah, but i'm too broken
and that ain't really a topic that i should reopen
im markin it hopeless
its unpaid vacation
and all this time im sittin here with no motivation
always mistaken
yeah this life is waiting
it's pointless everyday so i really need escaping


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. B-Free




attack slug New Jersey

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