Sorrow (BAD END)

from by attack slug



(For me, I'm your sorrow
Calling in your dreams)

open this new game, gonna install it and then i press start
hopefully it won't take me long to get to the best part
last game in the series it left me with a depressed heart
but i still spent the full extent leering at the chest art
my quest starts, and it's an overused scenario
schoolboy meets an alien girl who is barely clothed
she greets me discretely and sweetly shes petite twin-tails and bows
ok first choice, i choose A, i gotta say hello
she say's i got this glow, i say that's apropos
so I choose B, to let her know she makes me grow below
and i got something in my pants you know i gotta show
she just laughs and then executes a judo thow
i fall into the snow, (oh) beneath the cherry tree (no)
well i know how this goes (yo) so i'm gonna go with C (whee)
i move in for the kiss, but i miss what is stoppin me
she takes the opportunity to eviscerate me sloppily

ok lets reload, gonna try a different path
this time we'll avoid peeking into the womens bath
cause after all that that shrieking, both my arms got put in casts
so why not go for the geek girl who is good at math
ok, i checked her classes, enrolled into her cram school
tried to surpass her grades, and man i looked like a damn fool
moved the camera to stare at her ass, thats a nice view
but she caught me, slapped me and then she kicked me in the dice (ohhhh)
might you know, how i can go about this better
i picked option D to stop staring at her sweater
and every compliment i've sent has only just upset her
A,B,C or D is wrong, i blame the the letters
and developers, anyway, the task at hand
i'll use the FAQ to the end, my master plan
and then the unexplainable, i'm swearing off romance
cause i'm still disemboweled and staring at my glands like
aw man

they call it Sorrow, you'll always get the BAD END
the girl in glasses, or the childhood friend
you could skip classes, get a job and earn yen
no matter what you spend there's still no way to defend
today or tomorrow, there's an inevitability
that death awaits, so you can toil in futility
and no cheat codes can escape the volatility
of a japanese schoolgirl bent on a killing spree

(Care to give death a try?)


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Sinima Beats




attack slug New Jersey

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