Running With Tortoises

from by attack slug



they tellin me i'm negative, i guess i developed it
back when i was only 9, call that shit the fellowship
add another 7 when i spit and then embellish it
getting myself out of all these pickles, yeah i relish it
hot dog, i ain't packin no i never did
less you talkin pac-man, 256 my level kid
yeah, gettin hungry grab a megabit
megabyte, then go back to the Genesis

damn fuckin right, that i'm feeding off the misery
better hold tight, when you're in the dungeon: Wizardry
i'm all alone but I'm hittin with the synergy
of 16 corporations in multiple industries
yeah, so fuck what all ya'll think of me
got too many damn tracks down in my distillery
step back, get a batch, heat em up and set em free
i'm too prime, so here's your free delivery

so thats about the long and the short of it
i'm spruced up, and i'mma keep on floorin it
but no swerves, I got the figure-four on it
(woo) i'm runnin with the tortises


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. G-Slow




attack slug New Jersey

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