i bring this shit raw, borderline caustic
right out the freezer ain't no need to defrost it
so certified my name gets embossed and
i'll turn you true believers into straight agnostics
not one to floss but i won that court shit
figured the cost while i got my life sorted
it's sorta chill man you know i ain't workin
but i still put work in...
fuck mornings, alarm sittin on two
and fuck normal that's not how i'm gon do
i may be stuck but i keep on going
through every single beat like a beast
and my mind may never have peace
better call 2 priests
i'm crippled but i ain't deceased
and the most jaded person you'll meet
(by a fair margin, i would imagine)

this, is just the way i see things
and never thus, do i expect to see change
it's fucked up, do i spend my life seething
or reaching, maybe it is time to rethink

taking this back to the essence, no stressin
just venomous aggression, thats the first lesson
ain't no time for second guessing, so unless
you wanna be straight with me i guess you can digress this
there won't be no convalescence, no ma'am
and i can think of only two words to be spoken
good bye. i'm taking flight now; Rodan
(so give that a second to sink in)
to the rest of ya'll who really don't get it
i'm doing this shit way before i ever said it
there's no time for what i'm already forgetting
and no regrets is the motto that i'm set in
my empathy is at an all time low
humanity? well it's really got to go
better to be bitter, man don't I already know
i should say fuck you before i ever say hello


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Sensational




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