it's like, i'd rather be at home, i'd rather be alone
ya call me antisocial when i don't pick up the phone
i don't like your tone, blink and then i'm gone
all up on the internet, i'm in my zone
i'm nice now, my lifestyle is recluse
and go out? there's never any excuse
you insist, that my style ain't normal
well no shit, man i'm done being cordial
i'm done with the boredom and small talk niceness
this track is for all the people livin like this
don't care, experience i might miss
it's peace and quiet, well thats fucking priceless
that is the brightest part of any day now
invitations? i'm looking for a way out
so keep smiling and feeding off the energy
you damn vampires, ain't no way that you are gettin me

reports say loneliness can be deadly
i'm pretty sure they say the same thing about red meat
i'm still breathing, oh what a lucky break
so leave me alone and let me chew my fucking steak (okay?)

yo, it's the modus operandi
i'm lookin down when you're tellin me I can't fly
worldwide, and I see you sittin standby
and I ain't even got a visual; Bandai
all from the comfort of my plush chair
up in my room, I don't need to be somewhere
so take it in, take a pic, if you must glare
then hit the bricks and here's some fuckin bus fair
i survive in the privacy and privately
i strive to defeat the anxiety
i'm way too tired to be seekin psychiatry
it's fine to be the guy who can quietly appreciate the irony
alleviate the stress load, deviate the threshold
life's a damn circus and i'm holdin up the tentpoles
(aw shit) i'm clownin on em tenfold
net dough, then I'm drownin in the echos


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Swings




attack slug New Jersey

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