Out of Focus

from by attack slug



my life ain't got no plot, you better check the script
it's full of NPCs i'm missing all the text to get
another cut scene, and you know i must admit
that since i gave up caffeine man i'm feelin a bit dangerous
nothing new i guess, drifting from place to place
along the internet feels like the only saving grace
why should i shave my face, what seems to be the point
it's only lonely when you make your goal the need to join
disappointed, really i'm disgusted
running out of people i can try and put my trust in
is that enough said? oh no it's just the start
another hit, another 1/4th of a piece of heart
and there's a peace of mind, hiding between these lines
keeping on the grind if i could only find the time
it's always why ask why, that neverending climb
it's so much more than that but i can never find the rhymes

life seems out of focus, how do you cope with this
the blur is copious, the word is hopelessness
why even make a fist
just another shade on the gradient list

that may have made no sense, well shit what else is new
i offer no pretense of what i'm s'posed to do
these opportunity doors, perhaps i closed a few
and like i told you before, i'm predisposed to lose
you can imbue whatever message you like yo
cause these ain't your shoes, or your battles to fight
i'm tired of all this daytime, i'd rather be night
and blatantly refuse any splatter of light
well shit, these thoughts are inconvenient, self esteem ain't never seen it
coming up for air to breathe in, ending up with emphysema
this is exemplary of quite the type of life i'm leading
no time for spite or reason, maybe that's a trite conceited
the truth ain't worth believin, take that and then retweet it
something you ain't gon find regardless of how time is creepin
so what's the plan i'm seekin, with all this candid weakness
staying alive has seemed to be my only grand achievement


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Cino




attack slug New Jersey

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