mentally you're like one tenth of me
it's meant to be embrace the entropy
no remedy so coincidentally
repent or flee, man i got no empathy

i'm on my game boy, you on the wrong team
i see in 4 colors, you know they all green
you know i'm all mean, yes I am an asshole
tried to be nice but man that's such a fuckin hassle
i'm all over the place i'm like a migrant
if apathy was sporting i would have a Heisman
you've got no vision man i stapled shut the eyelids
listen you're missing addition this makes you a minus
and i'm a virus, but you ain't patched up
this is some 'guess who' shit but you can't match up
ya say your bloodthirsty but all ya get is ketchup
i'm throwin ya curves and you can barely hold the bat up
so many strikes you wish the metaphor was bowling
the competition can't believe i ate the whole thing
i'm through the gate, man your patterns always holding
filling up my quotient of the necessary boasting


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Rapitfly




attack slug New Jersey

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