Not One Single (feat. Former Fat Boys & Kabuto the Python)

from by attack slug



it's really simple, i been checkin my arithmetic
and multiply by zip that's how much i'm giving a shit
no so ridiculous there's no need for this bitterness
before you get too pissed, ya'll may want to consider this
i haven't been paying the least bit of attention
and relegating what you've said to all my henchmen's henchmen
not half the veteran, but i'm better than i've ever been
so heres a hit of mescaline, yo grab a seat and settle in
in every instance, it's complete disinterest
if that's a little intense, light some fuckin incense
(not one single), yeah i'll get to that
who the fuck do you think this is, ya'll better check the hat
perhaps we best re-cap; the world is unfair
i'm guessing that be the facts so are we done here?
(truth) my glare is always so condescending
never begin to care and i'm not gonna to start pretending

and not one single fuck was given that day
that day, this day, man it's every damn day
ya better amscray, we sippin brandy
wake up and we're pissin in ya bran flakes

(Former Fat Boys)
I give so few fucks I'm like 9th grade me
I get no sluts, no sucks, no butts but such
is life, man, and life is beautiful
givin one finger salutes to say "hey too-da-loo"
today I'm kickin back, I don't give a shit
kidnap my princess, kinap my prince
sell M-rated games to little kids
today I'm doin shrooms in my room in my fruit of the looms
so put your lips up to my ass cheeks, I know that shit reeks
but you won't need bleeps, no seven second delay
cause there's no fucks given, no not a peep
I won't even spit on you, not even a gleek
that's how small time and no rhyme you are
I'm flyin past you like meep-meep, you're seein stars
silly coyote I hear you scream, fall in a ravine
I'm swiss, not cheese, I won't intervene

(Kabuto the Python)
its the attack of the slugs, yall rappers is pugs
hella cute little doggies imma flatten ya mugs
i'm back with the gloves on, pass me the nugs
fuckers wack like simba eatin grass and the bugs
i give half of a fuck what you think of the verse
i'm inkin it first, paper ragged, wrinkles and dirt
im freakin berserk, yall be lazy pink and inert
and i fuckin give em everything except the sink and a shirt
and i could even rock a beat if you put the thing in reverse
i'm heisenberger even leavin mister fring in a hearse
so watch a demon at work, me should be the king of the earth
or at the least yall should eat my freakin penis and burp
i'm offended by your sets, i aint' skimpin with the skets
stay stompin through the white like i am tintin in tibet
sinisterly preppin more raps yall aint prepared fo
sposed to be about not caring but i don't care though


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. B-Free




attack slug New Jersey

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