Meeces to Pieces

from by attack slug



50% asshole, man i'm half nice
and get my consoles bought for only half price
you wanna know who the cat is, ya betta ask mice
and i roll a natural 20 cause i got fast dice
it's no less than a critical success
3-9 rhymes it's the galaxy express
spaced out style for miles but i digress
kick around like Guile while i'm fightin off the stress
and yes. i'm huge like Snuffleupagus
or the late Rick Rude with these fuckin uppercuts
see my crew talk shit, ya duck under a bus
and grab a raincoat if you wanna fuck with us
so what, my diction is contradiction
all this bullshit may be only fiction
but turns to truth with enough conviction
until i'm broke and facing eviction

yo, what's rightfully sage
i'm right to the stage when i write to the page
and all the rest of ya'll are frightfully caged
skip the anger i go right to the rage
bitin the gauge, man lifes a charade
and what excites you is tritefully played
out, my words will so brightly parade out
take a look around and slightly dissuade doubt
i'm bringin spice like i'm right on the trade route
who else do you know ignites with the same clout
flames may cause drought and that's a shame
cities displayin smoke wherever i spat game
i'm a centurion sent by the Cylons
regardless of species i'm still droppin pipe bombs
it's all meeces to pieces and no bygones
brought that hot fiyah, Dylan Dylan Dylan


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Dok2




attack slug New Jersey

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