It's a Sickness (feat. Entity & Random)

from by attack slug



i can't stop buying games
and they just keep coming out

i'm buyin games by the dozen, man you know how it be
get em and toss em aside so indiscriminately
yeah, only the freshest, then onto that next-ish
yes i buy the bestest, got me feelin reckless
that deal was one day? well i bet you lost out
how many games i play? well i guess i lost count
budget my spending? that's a little devious
opening my wallet for the Vita and a 3DS
what's this? another confirmation email
aw shit, humble bundle and a Steam sale
yup yup, more daily deals? talkin the grail
what's up? you really think i'm payin retail?

been checkin up on the prices
and for a second almost copped this twice
this is a sickness
it's my addiction
when creepin up on the shelf
they're so damn cheap that i just can't help myself
it's my addiction
this is a sickness

ay the games in my library on steam, it's really crazy
i'm seeing new deals everyday but wait maybe
i can get a couple additions to add to the list
of the games i don't even really play
but i just can't stop, nah forget it
hit me another sub-reddit (which?)
game deals, every single sale i'll get it
yo wait, look at this 50% off of these games
and you think that i'm not gonna get em, are you insane?
nevermind the fact that i might have too many to play
it's an addiction can't stop me standin right in my way
between myself and the computer need to move with the quickness
ya better get up and get down with the sickness

Again I'm under the influence of
something worse than influenza,
Got all the symptoms,
Buy em up beat em up then I flip them
See another cop another, I feel like a victim
Cuz everytime I see a Humble bundle
I just run to my wallet, and I can't seem ta come to
My senses--I can't even pay my bills
Yet every Tuesday I'm in a rush to display my skills-- I got
Games still in the packaging,
not even sure what's happening
100% I'm mastering,
A day later I'm back again
Practicing my commute is like GTA,
Almost ran up on the curb to take the easy way
I'm on cheap ass gamer scanning the archives
Running outta space imma need me an hard drive
I Know that Im addicted but I don't know how to cure it,
it's morbid I know but, you can tell by the chorus- i'm sick

first came the steam sales, and i spent the money
then came the numerous indie bundles, and i spent the money
then came the origin sales, and i laughed
now there are amazon deals, and there is no money left to spend


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Geeks




attack slug New Jersey

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