from by attack slug



i'm staring at the clock, blind with the lights on
compelling to me is not what is right, wrong
but inbetween all the things that i've seen are wiped from
all these memories but the pain is lifelong
so tear it apart, mistakes are my chagrin kid
to have heartbreak i'd need a heart to begin with
but it's imaginary shit like the Wind Fish
only difference is the motherfucker thats in this
and my awakening is so self prophesied
but don't mistake it for the heat thats been droppin flies
i'll never stop demise, i'll be on top in time
and never give a single shit about the profit lines
so pay attention, and wave hello to history
this new dimensional twist becomes another mystery
fairly shrewd to intrude upon the misery
self imposed solitude but ain't nobody missin me

and you could say this is incomprehensible
and i say that you should pay some more attention yo
it's not between the lines it's right between your eyes
so when you figure it out don't fuckin seem surprised

i'll take it one direction and then i'll swerve ya
avoiding the real world you would think i'm allergic
i'm more at ease when i'm spittin absurd shit
but still a sucker for a song thats got a purpose
and i assure this is not that category
lacking in allegory, never quite had a story
to tell, and well, we'll take it as it comes now
and in the end i guess maybe it'll work out somehow
i'm hoping to skip, my life is like a Möbius strip
and every day is spent coping with this
dissonance, atrophy, unhappily, it had to be
snap myself out with a slap or three
but that's a distraction, i'm losin my traction
this song is slowly stumbling into abstraction
the reaction is lackin, with the brain in contraction
and nonsense this is just another infraction


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Mister KA Beats




attack slug New Jersey

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