In This Very Ring

from by attack slug



get in the ring with me, guaran-damn-tee'd to pin ya see
i'll fling ya like debris, your dingy matches baffle me
you see contractually i'm paid way more than MVP
these people envy me, i keep a pen or three
i'll sign my name for free and then i'll drop a DDT
(on you, your partner, ring announcer, and the referee)
all of your cheers well they're mere canned heat
and even John Cena, well he can't see me
i'm gettin over cause I tell it like it is
your fanbase is mostly made up of 7 year old kids
i been in love with this since it was macho man and liz
and if you in it for the cash man you ain't cut out for this biz, yeah
duct tape? well this match was your idea
if you're gonna try to run, scorpion, get over here
another shoot fight, and i'm the monster heel
25 foot cage so no one can interfere

explosive like Vince's limo
and quite corrosive as May Young's dildo (eww yo)
make a mill i get real dough
loose cannon Pillman 9 milli (ohhhh)
cut the feed, yeah the networks so shook
apologies to the sponsors, oh look
a Pillmanizer to your face, i'm so good
that you're a footnote, and i'm the whole book
and you can tell yourself that it's all a bad dream
you still blow spots like a diva tag team
bra and panties, pick another sad scheme
i'm The Vigilante, and this'll be your last scream
up the ante, barbed wire extreme
inferno match, and i'll melt you like ice cream
after that, i'm gonna act in some movies
the fact is your backs on the mat, 1-2-3


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Open Sound Productions




attack slug New Jersey

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