Fillin Bars

from by attack slug



go hard fill bars, you know i rank up
unlockin more stuff, i'm showing it
go hard fill bars, no matter the type
of game i get hype, controlling it
go hard fill bars and grabbin more loot
my only pursuit, get most of it
go hard fill bars i'm hearin that ding
they know what i bring, say holy shit

i'm fillin up bars like them drinks is free
like i'm givin a single fuck what you thinks of me
so simply it's XP, that is what i'm about
i'm gonna hit that next level, then ya know it's peace out
yeah, and it don't matter the genre
i'm gettin my spread, well they callin it Contra
and lootin those dead of whatever is on ya
then i'm tappin on punch and i'm shockin em: Blanka
i guess i'll max my dexterity
pickin a perk that is highest in hilarity
like "bloody mess" or a similar severity
open all the chests and i'm keepin all the rarities
yeah, its a collect-a-thon
going through that vendor trash see what's left to pawn
then i'm sittin up at your base, see who next to spawn
hit that fuckin level cap and get my wreckage on

i'm fillin up bars like it's fuckin illegal
gonna finish the first game, man i'm on to the sequel
and that EXP is gettin me high like an eagle
up in Trials HD call me Evel Knievel
woah, you're damn right i'm min-maxin
time to respec and dual wield: twin axes
i got a couple key cards, that's access
tranqin two or three guards, call that practice
ya better dodge the projectiles
defrag, verify then double check files
copy me, i'm already on that next style
you can spend that time, but i'm too busy watchin X-Files
get hacks, enable console
and send me a message (man you're never on though)
fillin up bars till my luck gets wiped out
fillin up bars, my fuckin lifestyle


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. JTONG




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