Distraction Tactics

from by attack slug



uneasy situations are the only reason i write anymore
i'm penning this track over the sound of these slamming doors
i'll never get mine so please keep on getting yours and yours and yours
scuse me i'll be on the floor
what's more, life is only what make and take of it
there's no mistaking that i cannot seem to shake off this
uncomfortable vibe, got nothing inside
i miss the times when under the bed was the right place to hide
alright, well no it's never gonna be all right
or maybe it never was and i was the one believing the lies
and that's just fine, i was always the one to blame
and when there is no exit are the only times that i can change
still stuck at halfway, of anywhere i need to be
just get up and leave, like it would really go that easily
reasonably, well there really is no reasoning
and constant numbness is the only feeling seizing me
room full of doors, and i've never got the keys on me
and every day im dreaming of the times when i will cease to be
is that it? already feels like the next night
lack of any sleep seems to be the only fucking respite

it's 10 to 3
the paper is my enemy
and every little pinprick i'll be feelin for a century
desecrate the memories, and toss them aside
contentedness, well that is never meant to be
tryin to wrap my brain around this mentally
and failing, because there is no sensibility
but i'm tossin cents, so here's another three
it's like another me, staring back at the glass
wonder what ( ) will come to pass
fill in that blank yourself, i'm beyond seeking help
i'll buy another game i'll never play and place it on the shelf
distraction tactics, i guess i'm out of practice
can barely hold together like some worn out old elastic
i'd rather be anywhere else than in my own head
called that number, but i guess the phones dead
could use a grain of hope, but i lost it at the beach
and every single aspirations always out of reach
such is the life of an introvert
my equation is missing all the integers
such is the life of an introvert
my equation is missing all the integers


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Eternal Morning




attack slug New Jersey

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