yeah i'm an asshole, and i guess you know the rest
i'm spittin this in my drawers, i ain't comin dressed
i ain't the fuckin best, i'd rather be a fuckin beast
you disagree? it doesn't matter to me in the least
and thusly, i'm sittin chill while i bring this heat
combusting, y'all better be ready
and get prepared for the feast, i'm declaring these beats
to be the best shit you peeped with a snare that repeats
so tell me who the champ now, sit your sorry ass down
those were your best bars? man i'm about to pass out
ya better cash out, when ya hear this rare style
Duke Droese, and i'm takin out the trash now
lot of these kids man they hit me up and ask how
lotta respect gets a lotta connects
play them cards right you could jam with the best
and i ain't even begun to do the damn thing yet (so c'mon)

sick of this pandering and pointless meandering
the slanted grandstanding that can't even hold a candle
to the ample amount of energy that i'm channeling
from these glands, chanting to you and each of these fans
don't call it the truth, i'm scrawlin all my views
and they could all be obtuse, i put them out to peruse
but if you're as jaded as i am and appalled by the news
then take control of your fate, because we're all bein used
it's not that simple to change the things you're into
its a symptom of the system, insane, infecting tissue
and brain, becomes a fixture of pain, so don't you misconstrue
the goal before you get too deranged (the fuck you sayin?)
I'm sayin you've got a choice in this
noise before it's boisterous
poised to raise my voice in the
background and smackdown
and if the sinking is too great, then back out
but if you're thinking it's too late, then act now


from The Science of Escape, released October 1, 2013
prod. Dok2




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